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Despite the classic style, the design of the direction is avant-garde, of a "non-environment" type, with a reflective front and an absorbent back. Each element, including the furnishings, has been designed to optimize the diffusion of the acoustic field. The speaker on the back is unique, it has been specially designed for this study and, thanks to the different depths of its elements and the numerous discrepancies, it is able to create a “broadband” diffusion of the sound coming from the front.


The "cloud" of the ceiling hides a large layer of absorbent material that absorbs low frequencies, balancing the frequency response. The reflective part of the ceiling directs the sound coming from the speakers towards the back wall, from which it is adequately absorbed / re-diffused. No deferred reflection arrives at the listening point that could confuse perception.


It is equipped with a Studer 900 console and selected ouboard components. Natural light enters from the glass door and is equipped with a recirculation and conditioning system for maximum comfort during the delicate recording and mixing phases. The direction is in direct visual communication with the Main Hall.


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