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The Main Hall is a spacious 95sqm live room with soaring 6m high ceilings. Similarly to the Control Room, this room was carefully designed, leaving nothing to chance. The ceiling "sails" are devices with a double function: they help to diffuse the sound coming from below and minimize the phenomenon of sound focus which, otherwise, would be produced by the two pitches of the roof.


The floor has been designed to create areas with different acoustic response, each designed for the instrument it will serve. The design of the walls is done in such a way as to provide the right variety of absorption, reflection and diffusion, so as to create a natural reverberation, neither too long nor too dry, and a diffused sound field. The parallelism between the long walls, a possible cause of repeated echoes, was interrupted thanks to a game of inclinations. The long walls also hide movable gobos that can be used independently within the room, creating isolated areas for ad hoc recordings.


By simply moving around the various points of the room you will hear your instrument react differently, you will find the perfect point to enhance the sound you are looking for. The space in which a musical instrument is immersed can be imagined as its invisible extension. Hearing a room's response is one of the most important inspiring factors.


The room is flooded by natural light coming in through four windows and a large glass door that overlook the villa’s garden.


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